The Detective Division coordinates the on-scene investigation of major incidents; investigates crimes which require extended periods of time, expertise, or sensitivity; and conducts follow up to all crimes initiated through patrol reports.

The Detective Division determines if a crime has been committed, gathers and preserves evidence, identifies and apprehends the offender, recovers stolen property, prepares cases which lead to the successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator and renders assistance to the crime victim during all stages of an investigation. Detectives investigate all crimes including homicide, assault, robbery, burglary, arson, larceny, serious domestic violence cases, missing persons, white collar, fraud, computer crimes, and many more.

Additionally, the Detective Division investigates crimes which focus on cases involving juvenile suspects or crimes in which the victim is a juvenile or child. This includes sexual assault cases. The Detective Division also investigates all physical, sexual, neglect, and endangerment of children under the age of 18.

The main non-emergency phone number for the Detective Division is (203) 468-3827. Please note the Detective Division investigates almost all its complaints after a referral from the Patrol Division or police dispatch. If you need to file an initial complaint, please contact patrol dispatch first at (203) 468-3820.


Detective Lieutenant Joseph Finoia – (203) 468-3827

Detective Monique Colbert – (203) 468-3827

Detective Nicholas Adams – (203) 468-3827

Detective John Fraenza – (203) 468-3827

Detective Jonathan Trinh – (203) 468-3827

Detective Raymond Wilson – (203) 468-3827

Detective Fred Sego – (203) 468-3827